Meet Natalie

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We have some big news to share. Twenty-First Digital has added a new team member, Natalie Paschall. A right-brain problem solver with a little splash of creativity, she brings a love of analytics and data-driven solutions to our growing team. She graduated from the University of Texas where she studied biology and math, where she became one of the resident experts on identifying tadpoles.

Natalie has spent her professional life in Dallas, working for advertising agencies both big and small, which has allowed her to dive deep into digital marketing campaign strategy and execution. She has managed everything from pay-per-click campaigns, content marketing and management, social media advertising, and SEO strategies.

Most recently, she managed the marketing insights and strategy efforts for Calise Partners, where she worked with offline and online marketing teams to visualize data for actionable insights to refine and identify more efficient targeting strategies.

Natalie is passionate about improving marketing strategies, specifically with insights into human behavior. Additionally, she enjoys digesting, analyzing, and communicating data results with clients to help improve understanding and increase marketing efforts.

As we continue to grow and diversify our team, our approach to our client’s needs continues to be focused, dedicated, and most importantly, energetic. Please join us in welcoming Natalie!