Hosts with the Most

Can your audience developer host an epic party?

Audience developers are the party hosts of your brand, the Martha Stewarts of strategy if you will. And just like Martha, we don’t necessarily plan every single detail (prepare the food, set up the tables and chairs, or valet the cars), but at the end of the day, audience developers are responsible for greeting guests at the door and checking in to make sure everyone is having a good time. With this mindset, here a few suggestions to help throw your next epic “event” your audience will love.

Think of your brand like a house party with a revolving door where guests arrive by invitation (maybe you sent an email to an individual inviting them to your super cool house party), happenstance (maybe someone googled, “best house party on my block”), or referral (perhaps a friend invited them, saying something like, “hey, you should come to this house party with me. It’s supposed to be lit.”)

Upon arrival, guests will start to experience your party, take a look around at all the rooms, eat some snacks. It’s our job as hosts to ensure that every part of their experience drives them toward your company’s goals. At this point, it doesn’t matter how your guests (or users) arrive. As an audience developer, it’s your responsibility to make sure they have the best time possible, come back next time, and maybe even tell their friends about it.

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Experience (UX, UI):

  • Is the house clean?

    • Translates to: Is your website easy to navigate or is it cluttered and unappealing?

  • Do they know where the bathroom is?

    • Translates to: Can they find what they’re looking for on your site and social channels?

  • Are you checking in to see if they are having a good time?

    • Translates to: Do you have a welcome workflow in place to nurture your new users?

  • Have you made a new friend?

    • Translates to: Does the user know about everything else you have to offer? (Newsletters, print subscription, membership clubs?)

Menu (editorial content):

  • Are they hungry? Did they go back for seconds?

    • Translates to: Is your editorial content pleasing to the user? Will they be a repeat visitor?

Wow Factor (loyalty, return sessions):

  • Did they post a picture to social media?

    • Translates to: Are they liking or sharing your content on social with their friends? Did they leave a review of your products or services?

If you aren’t throwing the best party on the block, your guests will likely leave for the next best thing. Maybe the finger sandwiches (editorial content) didn’t hit the spot. Maybe your home decor is off putting (UX). Maybe the party down the street is offering something bigger and better (marketing). Whatever the reason, as the Martha Stewarts of the digital world, it’s an audience developers role to keep your guests entertained, interested, and welcomed, but most of all, making sure they enjoyed their time so much that they will return to the next party … with more friends in tow.

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