Announcing TFD x CRMA Webinar


Mark Your Calendars for June 20!

TFD has teamed up with CRMA to put on a webinar, Paid Social for the Audience Developer with Natalie Paschall of TFD, curated specifically for the publishing industry. We'll break down strategies to help grow your email list, drive traffic, capture leads and advertise subscriptions efficiently for all budgets. Click the link below to hold the spot on your calendar, and we'll follow up with the official invite when it's posted.

Session title: Paid Social for the Audience Developer with TFD

Join TFD for a discussion about paid social media advertising. What we'll cover:

  • Ways to use paid social media campaigns to drive your business goals, including email capture, traffic, event ticket sales and starting a campaign with a purpose.

  • How to effectively target your audience using the Facebook tracking pixel, testing multiple audiences in each campaign to identify your most lucrative target.

  • TFD hacks to make sure you're reaching your intended audience where you want to reach them and at the right step in their customer journey.

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