Audience Development

Three ways you’re pissing off your audience

Three ways you’re pissing off your audience

The three unsavory audience development mistakes you’re (probably) already making and how to solve them.

You’re finally in the last round of asset design after arguing with six different team members about which color to make the button, where to place the logo, whether the green background is TOO green—all in an effort to deploy a beautiful campaign that’s going to make it rain new audience members.

'Tis The Season

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Is your team ready for the holidays? It may only be August, but it's time to start thinking (and acting) on your department's holiday efforts. In the e-commerce and subscription marketing world, holiday promotions are a BFD. We decided to create a helpful checklist to make sure you're not missing any extra opportunities to get your gift promotion in front of the right crowd. Who are you targeting? Are you taking advantage of online shoppers? Black Friday? It's never too early to start thinking about how to maximize this acquisition source.