Twenty-First Digital

VoyageDallas Q&A with Melissa Chowning


Founder and CEO, Melissa Chowning, shares her startup journey with VoyageDallas. In this Q&A style interview Melissa delves into how Twenty-First Digital started, the biggest obstacles she faces, her holistic approach to business—and why she names fellow TFD strategist, Ashley Mulder, her partner-in-crime.  

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“That TFD team is whip-smart!”

Maybe we didn’t hear that exactly, but we did leave NOLA with great takeaways from the audience development track at the annual CRMA conference. With speakers from industry leaders like DigidayThe Washington Post and Harvard Business Review, the attendees of the audience development track were in great hands.

Below we’ve listed a quick rundown of the speakers and major topics discussed. Consider it the official TFD take on CRMA.