The latest update from Facebook and Instagram is going to affect publishers... again.

Facebook rocked our world a few weeks ago when it announced plans to cut back on publisher content inside its news feed, but the changes Facebook quietly made to its branded content guidelines last month have the potential to impact more than just traffic. 

According to the new guidelines, which are scheduled to go into effect on March 1, page owners are not permitted to accept “anything of value” in exchange for sharing content that they did not have a hand in creating through their pages. 

Dissecting New Google Changes

Google is making a major change in Chrome and punishments for violation are pretty severe. Beginning February 15, Google Chrome will begin forcing websites to abide by new ad standards by blocking all ads including those served by Google, on websites not in compliance. Translation: Google is now telling you how you can monetize your site.

Publishers take note: this new change could block all ads on your site for 30 days.  

Are Publishers Ready to Capture the Duopoly's Dollars?

Are Publishers Ready to Capture the Duopoly's Dollars?

In the publishing world, change can be a four-letter word. With the reliance of ads and clicks to stay in business, website and media publishers are losing traffic and ad spend to Facebook and Google. With a whiff of change in the air, it’s time publishers understood the trends and tools available to increase audience engagement and advertising dollars.