We’re continuing our blog series on the marketing funnel with paid social, the often overlooked, but oh-so-important element of the path to conversion. Previously we covered technical SEO and content SEO. If you haven’t checked those editions out yet, start there and come back … paid social will be waiting for you.

We’ve all heard the phrase, “you have to spend money to make money.” We cater to that to some extent as publishers. Your website could be the most search engine optimized website on the world wide web, but people have to take an active action to search for something that relates to what you’re offering. (I.e. Best restaurants near me). BUT … by using paid social, you can get your content in front of people and tell them what you have to offer without requiring an action from them. You go 90% of the way … they go 10% of the way. 

It continues to surprise me that publisher’s don’t have it in their budget to promote their own content on social. I scrolled through my own Facebook feed to find examples of publishers promoting new content and all I could find were subscription offers. If I haven’t been to your website before, I’m not going to subscribe to anything you have to offer me on social media. When you’re working on your 2020 budget this fall, consider spending money to at least test filling your own funnel. We’ve seen both B2B and B2C pubs do this successfully. 

Q&A with Databox

We sat down with Databox and shared how using Databox has helped us identify important performance trends across all client accounts. To check out the video Q&A, click here.

Databox: Hey, everyone. I want to welcome Melissa and Natalie from Twenty-First Digital to our Agency Spotlight Series. Thank you both so much for being here today. But to start, could you guys just tell us a little bit about yourselves and about Twenty-First Digital?

Melissa: Sure. I’ll start, I’m Melissa. I’m the CEO of Twenty-First Digital. We are a relatively new startup agency that focuses on audience development and the publishing industry, so we work with a lot of media companies, a lot of publishers, and helping them better understand their audience, grow their audience. I’ve been in publishing for about 13, 14 years now, so it’s a space that I know really well, and it’s a great space to be in.

Natalie: I am Natalie. I work for Twenty-First Digital and I’m an audience strategist, and I focus more on the paid media side of things, driving traffic to sites and making revenue off of paid media.

Databox: Perfect. So, can you guys give us a better understanding of what Twenty-First Digital was doing for reporting before you guys became Databox partners?



Welcome back to our recurring blog series on the marketing funnel. We’re continuing to walk you through how and why it’s important to optimize each precious element of the path to conversion. Last time, we covered content SEO. If you haven’t checked it out yet, start there. Today we’re talking about technical SEO. (Yes, SEO is so important we’re covering it twice!) Technical SEO covers any SEO work that is done aside from content. It’s essentially the foundation of your website. And if the foundation is laid wrong, your house won’t stand. While technical SEO efforts often go physically unseen, it’s just as important as any content SEO efforts your team is making.