Identifying and Engaging Your Most Valuable Audience Segments

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Your audience is made up of a series of segments of audiences, all in a different place in their journey with your brand. From one-time visitors to the most loyal readers, each segment requires a different strategy for engagement and something different from your brand experience.

To optimize your audience development strategies for 2020, you need to first identify these audience segments and then determine a plan for engaging with and growing each segment.

For the purposes of this blog post, we’ll use Google Analytics to create audience segments, as most readers will be familiar with and have access to the tool. There are, of course, more advanced tools like CDPs that will allow you to act even more strategically.

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Happy Anniversary Natalie!

Q: Introduce yourself- who is Natalie?

A: I have taken every personality test there is and I fall under the category of enthusiast/curious, so you could say that I don’t know how to love things a normal amount. I have a degree in evolutionary biology and was a few hours short of another in math. I like to know how things are connected and how those connections change outcomes. Randomly at a wedding, I was offered a job at an advertising start up and took it. I quickly found my way into the data side of digital advertising, looking for patterns the same way you learn to in science or statistics. I bopped around from agency to agency picking up new skills from different teams, and I realized it was time for a break. I took four months off, and did everything I wanted - from making wire sculptures to knitting beanies, going on trips and camping in the woods, binging tv shows and podcasts, exploring different internet communities and digital wormholes. When it was time to get back to work, TFD was the first opportunity that came my way. Can you imagine, with a checklist of things I’d love to gain in a new place of employment from environment to humans — and TFD pops up?! A lovely little dream team of empowering women, helping publishers optimize their revenue based in data - a dream come true. Luckily, we clicked and I can’t believe it has already been a year.

TFD Blog Series: Marketing Funnel + Content SEO

TFD Blog Series: Marketing Funnel + Content SEO

The funnel, the flywheel, ecosystem, the-WTF-are-we-doing-diagram ... whatever you call it, we’re all on the same mission: Convert, convert, and oh yeah, convert. What are we converting to? For some of you it’s leads, some members, some paywall customers (if Google will let us <Link>), some event attendees. Whatever our conversion metric may be, we’re all on the same path, and we’ve got all the tea on making conversions happen. Over the next few weeks we’re going to walk you through how and why to optimize each precious element of the path to conversion. First up? Melissa with SEO. Think a friend could utilize the info here? Make sure you encourage them to sign up here. We’ll also be highlighting some takeaways in our social channels so be sure to follow us here and here.